Awkward Parenting Moment, Courtesy of NPR

I want to start by saying I came up with this title purely in jest. I read geeky magazines, tomes of literature and listen to NPR. Some people find that strange since I am pretty balanced politically and can smell BS like it’s a diaper can filled to the brim. But that is neither here […]

Halloween Safety–What to take!

Halloween safety  is a big issue.  Did you know pedestrian related accidents involving children on Halloween is four times higher than any other time of the year? What does a smart mom/dad take with them on Halloween to help guide their precious little ones in this childhood passage of spooky fun? 1. Reflective tape. My […]

Motherhood as a competitive sport

I started thinking about being a Mom this morning while spending quality time with my Mother. It’s time we rarely get and time we both cherish. She is my best friend and our conversations are honest, provoking and always make me come away feeling better. Which led me to think about motherhood today. My friend […]