First Time Away from Home

Peanut was away from home for the first time. Sure, he’s been to spend the night with family and a few friends, but he’s never been gone for 4 days. Yes, I’m serious. To make it more intense? He was at the Congressional Youth Leadership Conference, it’s hard for a parent to let go, allow […]

He’s 11, but still my baby

Mothers intuition is always right. Something told me to hang around the house today and work instead of going into the Picaboo office to catch up on some work. Turns out Peanuts cold was something a little more. It’s sinus infection central here. We’ve moved beyond the runny nose to the head stuffed full of […]

Elementary School Graduation — Where does time go?

Parenting can go two ways. Either the hands on the clock spin at the speed of light, or they drag by in painful torture (usually when a tantrum is involved). Peanut is making the big transition tomorrow. He “graduates” from the 5th grade and will be heading to middle school in the fall. My heart […]

A Bittersweet Valentine…

This past weekend, I sat down with Peanut to fill out his Valentines for school. He’s in 5th grade, so the whole Valentines Day celebration is not his cup of tea. His annoyance with the task at hand was only compounded with my incessant nagging to get him to finish. Looking back at it now, it’s […]

Go-Go-Gadget Go!!

I loved Inspector Gadget when I was a little girl. Who am I kidding? I love Inspector Gadget now. My son is a different story. He thinks Inspector Gadget is a moron. You heard me correctly. He called Inspector Gadget a moron. Peanut is convinced that the man couldn’t find himself out of a paper […]