How to cook playdough in a hurry!

This month we are the family in charge of supplies for my son’s pre-school class. One of our assignments is to make a fresh batch of play dough each week. I haven’t made this since I was a little kid! So, last night we were frantically searching for a recipe and gathering up all the […]

Eat Your Veggies!

Your mother told you to eat your vegetables, but did you really ever listen? I know that when I was a kid, I definitely didn’t! But with all of the scientific reports and studies, it seems that your mother may have been on to something. Eating vegetables is one of the best things that you […]

The Great Kotex Conundrum

Periods are a monthly evil. Men? They don’t get it, literally or figuratively. Now, send that man to the grocery store to pick up “supplies”, which we all know means ice cream and maxi-pads, and you get an idea as to where this is going. Add a nine year old boy into the mix and […]