Solace in the carpool line

I burst into tears in the pickup line at school on Monday. Normally, I’m in and out, but I got there early and as luck would have it, the kids were outside playing. My kid. Watching him scamper and romp was a breath of fresh air. He played as if he didn’t have a care […]

A Bittersweet Valentine…

This past weekend, I sat down with Peanut to fill out his Valentines for school. He’s in 5th grade, so the whole Valentines Day celebration is not his cup of tea. His annoyance with the task at hand was only compounded with my incessant nagging to get him to finish. Looking back at it now, it’s […]

The Shedder

The Shedder comes to stay. Peanut is “The Shedder”. The first thing he does when he comes home from school is walk in the door and things start dropping. Bookbag, lunchbox, shoes, coat, whatever he can shed, he just does it. I have set the house up in a myriad of ways at the front door and […]

5th Grade Senior Citizen

Peanut and I were hanging out earlier today, watching TV and just relaxing. After a Lego Duplo commercial went off the air, he looked at me and said, “Mom, life was so much easier back then. Now, I am the senior citizen of elementary school.” How do I respond? By saying, “I know that growing […]

12 Days of Sickness: Elementary School Edition

On the first day of sickness my school age kid gave to me a big case of the cooties. One the second day of sickness my school age kid gave to me two puking kids and a big case of the cooties. On the third day of sickness my school age kid gave to me […]