Mommyality was the brain child of two over-achieving, under-organized southern gals that have known each other since middle school. Both are stay at home/work from home mommies of very active little boys.

After spending some years after high school “growing up” and going our own way attending college, getting married and starting families they reconnected on-line and found they still had much to talk about. A short time later, Emili gave Lisa the news she was expecting. All conversations since then were dominated by kid talk.

Even though they started their mommy adventure at different stages of life, Lisa starting her family not long after the honeymoon and Emili waiting until the biological alarm starting blaring, each still faces the everyday challenges of parenting.

Welcome to Mommality where being a mom is 24 hours, 7 days a week. This is what happens after the pregnancy glow wears off, the friends and family have gone home and the sleep deprivation begins. Join us as we take you through the diaper blow-outs, the smelly tweens and everything in between.



Lisa Frame lives on the outskirts of Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and 12-yr. old son. Blogging since 2002, she is also a freelance writer and PTA maven. A native of Western North Carolina, she and her husband settled in Charlotte nearly 12 years ago. An avid reader, photographer and coffee addict; Lisa also has a knack for coming up with fun ideas for moms and kids, cooking memorable meals (some for the wrong reasons), lives as green as possible, and blogging on her lifestyle site, A Daily Pinch.

 Emili stepped out of Mommyality earlier in 2011 to spend more time raising her family and concentrate on her true love, sewing and crafting. While she will be missed, her presence will always be felt throughout the Mommyality halls. It couldn’t have happened without her and for that, Lisa shall always be grateful.

Emili Bower lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband and two year old son. She is an Etsy addicted crafty mom and former accountant/banker with a little boy in the terrific two stages and living just out of arms reach of an extended family support system. A native of Western North Carolina, she and her husband relocated back to North Carolina after spending five years living in the Midwest. Memories of endless days in a cube behind a computer screen, wishing she were crafting have faded away.  Now she spends her free time reading mommy blogs, shopping for fabrics and sewing new creations for her Etsy shop, Shams & Coverups. But first, she has to change a diaper and get her little one down for a nap.