Quiet around these here parts…

It’s been pretty quiet around these here parts. Not because I’ve not had anything to say, but because my kid is growing up and with that come growing pains on how to write about parenting here. Now that Peanut is the grand old age of 12, he wants me to “neutralize” my thoughts.

Does someone make a laser for that?

What does this mean for Mommyality. Well, it means I’m still going to write. I just have to make sure that Peanut can approve more sensitive topics. Like puberty. Or when NPR made me have the sex talk with him.

However, I think that as long as I keep my sense of humor and don’t go too deep regarding him, I’ll be okay.

After all, I can still write about me. Like how I’m dealing with a boy who’s in the throes of puberty, or how you coud have danced for 13-14 years during your childhood and been taught by professionals, yet still be a clumsy oaf. I’m also dealing with tweens, teens, mobile phones, middle school girls with boobs bigger than mine, cars, the SAT, college. I’ve just shownmyself how much more there is to write.

Today, I keep it short and sweet, but I may have to come in here and give you War and Peace the blog version soon. Are you wrists up for that kind of scroll work?

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