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10 Great iPad Apps for Kids {Young and Old}

Christmastime is here, happiness and cheer. Which means Santa’s Elves have been in his workshop working as hard as they can to get all the iPad Airs and Mini’s our the door in time for his whirlwind sleigh ride around the globe. Here’s a great roundup of apps for children and families Santa can pre-install […]

The Rise of the EMO Mommy

We’ve all seen the Emo kids. Heck, back in my day, we were called “goth” or some other form of teen creature who wore all black, a lot of black eyeliner and trench-coats when it was 100 degrees. I wasn’t that deep. (I was more of a thrash/speed metal gal.) Yes, there was a lot […]

End of Summer Blues

Summer isn’t officially ending, but it’s ending for me. School starts Monday and gone is my partner in shenanigans and laughter, Peanut. He’s off to eighth grade. Time has flown. When I first started Mommyality, he was eight. Now that he’s 13, I have to be more careful about what I write and generally seek his approval […]

Peanut and the SAT

Peanut is in 7th grade now. (Time flies when you’re having fun!) Not too many months ago, we received notice that he’d been invited to take the SAT via the Duke University TIP Program. They take 7th graders who show advanced skills and invite them to test. If they scored over certain percentage, they are […]

An Open Letter To Beyonce and Destiny’s Child

Dear Beyonce and writers of the “Bootylicious” song, I’m writing to say “Thank you.” Because of your song, “Bootylicious”, I am able to make my mornings great while annoying my son and husband at the same time. How is this? My son loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. LOVES them. Have a I mentioned he’s […]

Quiet around these here parts…

It’s been pretty quiet around these here parts. Not because I’ve not had anything to say, but because my kid is growing up and with that come growing pains on how to write about parenting here. Now that Peanut is the grand old age of 12, he wants me to “neutralize” my thoughts. Does someone […]