Back to School Organization — Cozi Edition

Between family vacation and a new job, things have been hectic around here. Not as hectic it could be since I work from home and set a great deal of my hours, but it’s been a period of adjustment nonetheless. Seeing as how I’m still on vacation for a couple of more days, but at home, I’m taking the time to get organized before the start of the school year. Which means getting our schedules together and inputting the entire school schedule into Cozi.

What is Cozi? I’ll let them explain:

Cozi has been a lifesaver for me for the past two (2) years. I use it for everything. It’s where I add our shots, family events, holidays, and plan everything.  My calendar is my life. Let’s put it this way, if it’s not in Cozi it doesn’t exist. Sound harsh? When you try to keep up with my schedule, you’ll understand why.

My son is a tween now and has a phone. The first app he downloaded was Cozi, because he knows it’s that important to me. I take that back, Angry Birds might have been first, but Cozi was a close second.

Even better, Cozi is free. I love that you can pay to have the ads removed, however the ads don’t bother me and keep me relevant as to what’s new and great from Cozi advertising partners. (Yes, I’m the one that actually clicks on an ad to check things out).

I also use Cozi to add my grocery lists and to-do lists. Right now, I have lists set up for Back-to-School shopping and Costco, as well as the grocery store and iTunes.

Cozi also works beautifully on iOS or Android phones. The user experience is identical and the design is the same, so there is no confusion across different platforms. Seamless design helps makes Cozi a great tech tool for families and one I recommend to everyone.

This post wasn’t sponsored by Cozi, nor am I a Cozi affiliate. I love Cozi and after spending 15 minutes inputting our school calendar into Cozi, felt the need to share my love with you.

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