Protecting Kids from Cyberbulling — Live Chat 5-21-2012

Cyberbullying is a very real, very scary occurrence happening every second of every day. Kids often find they have no place to escape and it’s a form of bullying that not only invades your child’s privacy, but it’s even more difficult for parents to track down and prevent. After Peanut’s experience with bullying earlier this year, I was keen to jump on this chat to learn more and share my experiences.

I’m talking with Elizabeth Englander, professor of psychology and director of the Massachusetts Agression Reduction Center at Bridgewater State University, about cyberbullying and what’s going on with your kids.

This live, all-text talk will be held on The Motherhood. Called Protecting Your Kids from Cyberbullying, it will help answer questions about handling your kids life online.  Should you monitor what your kids do online, or is that being invasive of their privacy?  What do you do if your kid is being cyberbullied and the school doesn’t do anything about it?  And cell phones – if you get one for your nine-year-old, will it increase the chance of her being cyberbullied?

When: Monday, May 21, at noon ET.  We will chat for 30 minutes!

Where: On The Motherhood, right here –

Who: The all-text chat will be hosted by Elizabeth Englander, professor of psychology and founder and director of the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center at Bridgewater State University.  Co-hosting are these fantastic women:

Christy, Quirky Fusion,
Leticia, Tech Savvy Mama,
Lisa, Mommyality,
Sarah, Sarah and Sons,
Victoria, The Mummy Chronicles,

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