6th Grade Math and End of Grade Testing

Sixth grade math and end of grade testing are going to take the one or two blonde hairs left on my head and finish them off. My husband and Peanut are going over his math. Right now, the sounds from my living room go something like this “Pi, R squared, circumference, diamter” blah, blah, blah.

I’m not the “math” person in our house, so I’m in great pain. Yet, I don’t know what’s more painful, watching my incredibly brilliant son struggle, or listening to the actual mathematics discussion.

Struggling you say? Yes. But, part of it’s his own fault. See, we found out that Peanut had been reading in math during some important instructional periods this school year when he wasn’t supposed to be.

Yeah, that. 

According to him, I turned a very beautiful shade of purple when I found out. He was also thankful I wasn’t the one going to the school to talk to the teachers. Dad went and it was much easier. I was asked to stay at home and cool off.

What is it with boys when they get into sixth grade? I realize they have to learn to think for themselves, but oh ’em gee son, throw mom a bone and listen to your teacher. She’s an amazing woman who cares about her kids.

Meanwhile, the living room has quieted down some. They know I’m sitting here blogging without asking me what I’m doing. I’m pretty sure the sound of the keys hitting the keyboard as fast as I can type has clued them in.

Flash cards. 
The Visible Man (1960), Digi-Comp I Toy Computer (1965), Gilbert Microscope and Lab Set (1957), "New Math" Flash Cards (1966), Spitz Junior Planetarium (1960), Mathematics: The Story of Numbers (1958)
They’re being made and videos from Kahn Academy are being watched ,while practice problems are worked. It’s a good idea, the extra practice problems my husband has created. Teachers have to teach to the end of grade test and they have to rush from subject to subject so quickly, that kids aren’t given enough practice problems a/k/a homework. And as l0ng as No Child Left Behind is enforced, things are going to stay this way.

What really bothers me are the kids who dont’ have parents that will help them, or can help them, with homework of this magnitude.  I worry about those falling into the cracks and being looked over. It makes me long for the days of ‘reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic.

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