Tweens, Cell Phones and Drama

Do you ever have those days when you look at someone and say “shoot me, now”. I’m having that day. Tween cell phone drama will never cease to amaze me.

Peanut got his first mobile phone last summer when he turned 11. Mainly because our mobile carrier was getting rid of unlimited data plans and we wanted to lock him in. The great thing? He’s more interested in playing games on his phone that talking or texting someone. Need to call him? The phone is dead, or turned off.

Believe me, I love it.

We’re not hammered with phone calls from girls, texts blowing up his phone all hours of the day and other crap that goes along with mobile phone ownership.

Until today.

Someone gave one of his classmates his phone number. Now, the relationship with the classmate is tenuous at best and at times, Peanut’s feelings toward him border on hostile. Yep. The kid drives him bonkers. While Peanut would never be mean to the kid on purpose, he’s vented and ranted at home about the shenanigans enough to send me straight to my emergency stash of wine and chocolate.

We’ve been out of the house today, playing with the Instagram app as a family. (Yes, we realize how nerdy we are.) When we got home, Peanut’s phone started ringing and he didn’t know who was calling. I could hear his voice go up an octave over the running water and dishwasher in the kitchen.

Then, I heard him get mad. “{Redacted}, how did you get my phone number? No, I don’t care, you need to tell me how you got my phone number.”

At that point, I knew the virtual crap was hitting the fan.

Peanut found out who gave him his phone number and will talk to them tomorrow. However, that was the least of his worries.

The kid kept calling. And calling. And wouldn’t stop calling. He asked the kid repeatedly to stop calling.

Finally, Momma stepped in. 

Yep, I had to pull that Mom move. I had to ask the kid to stop calling. Well, after I waited for the kid to take a breath, because the yammering on the other end was incessant. My goodness gracious. I explained that Peanut did not want the kid calling, he’d asked nicely and that if it continued I was going to talk to the kid’s parents.

So far? It’s been silent. School tomorrow should be interesting, but Peanut is a leader and can handle pretty much anything.

As for me? I’m two squares into a Newman’s Dark Chocolate bar and nursing a large glass of Pinot Noir.


  1. My son jealously guards the privacy of his cell for this very reason. (He has a classmate in Science who, were he to call, would cause C’s head to spin ’round on his head Exorcist-style, I believe.) The chain texts (“If you don’t forward this you’ll grow another head!”) that tend to go around with girls? Another story.

  2. Sometimes we have to pull the mom card and you waited and let Peanut handle it as far as possible. You’re a good mom!!!! xo now I’ll meet ya on Skype for wine

  3. Something to look forward to??? *LOL* Hope the talk with the parents goes okay.

  4. Judging by what I’ve read, you took the right course of action. Good job and keep it up with being a great mother!


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