Picaboo! Christmas is almost here! And Free Cards!

Happy Holiday friends! What? Don’t fall out in the floor. Christmas will be here before you know it and believe me, I’m already sweating it. See, I don’t shop after mid-November and I’ve not done any yet.

Yes, this is me stressing out. I really don’t want to be in the stores post Thanksgiving. I want to be baking for the ones I love, cooking heart-warming meals, and curling up under a blanket with a cup of hot tea and a good book.

I’ve also not ordered my Christmas Cards. Normally they are here, waiting on me to start addressing them come the first of November. Doesn’t everybody else do this? I also send A LOT of cards. Upwards of 100 every year. I always order 150 and depending on the year, have to run out and buy a small pack to finish up.

Luckily for me (and you!) Picaboo is giving me a FABULOUS deal to share! How about some free Christmas cards? If you buy 25 Holiday Cards, Picaboo will give you 25 free using my custom code GREAT-LF. If you buy 50? You get 50 free.

Picaboo Logo

Do you hear that sound? It’s angels singing. No, really. It is.

But you can’t select from the oodles of great cards they offer? Let me help you ut. I’ve already picked out a few that I really like, but I have to sit down with my husband and let him think he has an opinion in selecting our cards. Did I say that? Boy is my face red.

Picaboo’s 2011 Collection features over 200 designs for Christmas, Hanukkah, party invitations, and a non-­‐denominational line! This modern and eclectic Collection features designs from over two dozen designers from all over the world.

Each category includes flat, folded, portrait and landscape designs. Flat cards can be ordered on any of our five paper options while folded cards can be ordered with three paper options. I can also create cards with as many photos as I want. The Collection includes designs with pre-­‐set layouts of one, two, three, four, five, or six photos. Because Picaboo’s software allows the most creative flexibility in the market, you can can start with a pre-­‐set design and edit the layout to meet your needs. For example, if you want to use eight photos on your card, choose a design with six image wells, then, add the additional two photos to the card in freeform mode to create a custom layout.

If you’re creative and crafty , and want to make the rest of us look bad by creating a truly custom design, Picaboo offers the “My Own Design” option. This is the perfect choice for customers that want the ultimate in creative control. After choosing a flat or folded template in either portrait or landscape orientation, customers can import an image from a design program like PhotoShop or PaintShop and create a truly unique, one-­‐ of-­‐a-­‐kind card. Just make sure your designs are 1538 pixels x 2175 pixels to ensure important design elements and text are not cropped in the software. (I might be speaking from experience here).

I’m going to share some of my favorite Picaboo Holiday Cards in hopes you’ll enjoy some of my selections and maybe help you with your own selections.

My husband and I are anglophiles, so I adore the card that says Happy Christmas. I feel as if I’m in London, hopping from one chic party to the next.

Picaboo Holiday Card Happy Christmas

I also love the serene tranquility of the Picaboo Woodland Christmas card. I grew up in Western, NC and this makes me feel connected to my home.

Picaboo Woodland Christmas Card

The Picaboo Modern Stripes card really is up my alley taste wise. It’s clean, colorful and beautiful.

Picaboo Modern Stripes Christmas Card

I always order a set of cards for my friends that celebrate Hannukah. These Chic Hannukah Navy cards are elegant and tasteful.

Picaboo Chic Hanukkah Navy Card

Finally, I’m hosting a holiday party and I really dig this card. It makes me swoon.It’s called Modern Party, but I think I want to do mine this year as a total retro affair. Complete with June Cleaver wear for me.

Picaboo Modern Party Card

That’s it. What’s your favorite Picaboo card? Head over to the 2011 Holiday Card Collection and tell me what you like! If you find a card you adore? Order it using my special discount code GREAT-LF.

Disclosure: I was provided 50 free Christmas Cards to share Picaboo’s new Holiday Cards as well as a stipend. I also blog for Picaboo, but that doesn’t cloud my judgment. I really love their cards. And that isn’t the wine talking.

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