Sounds Effects and Car Crashes

Monday. Oh, Monday. I’ve never cared that much for you. Yet, you know how to get back at me.

Video games.

Peanut is playing some old Corvette game for Playstation that his Godfather sent. It’s not enough that he is trying to crank the volume to concert levels, but along with the din of the game, I also have his special set of sound effects.

Woo woo woo wooo.

Not to mention the car crash noises with the “get out of my way” and “hahahaha, I’m beating you sucker”.

Did I mention I’m trying to work? I have a wordpress layout due today and random “scrreeeeechhh” and “vroooommmm’s” aren’t helping. Sorry if I’m being so whiny. Part of it’s my own fault. I work in complete silence all day. Nothing by the sound of my fingers hitting the keyboard.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m truly thankful I have a job that allows me to work from home and be with Peanut. I am. I’m also quite thankful he’s very self-sufficient.

But, if there is one thing I realize today, it’s that I miss naptime. Cherish naps friends. Wrap your arms around them like they are the best lover you ever had. Because when they’re gone? You’ll find yourself with hair standing on end and a little twitchy from all of the car crashes happening in your living room.


  1. I still remember the day the nap died in our house. However Addie screaming “OUT OF MY WAY IDIOT” at Mario Kart is kind of funny (don’t tell her that though.)

  2. I still mourn the death of naps. *sigh* I’m picturing the “out of my way idiot” and cracking up! I’m also surprised he wasn’t saying the same thing.

  3. I can relate to your stories too well. We mourned the loss of naps too.

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