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Confession. I was a soccer mom. My son is an uber-geek and has decided that for right now, soccer is not his forte. He could change at any time, as 10 year old boys are apt to do.

Friends have been posting online and asking what’s a good snack idea for soccer or drinks. I don’t like sports drinks as they are too full of sugar and after one soccer game? Not needed. Yet kids want to be refreshed. That’s when I started brainstorming ideas for Noshes and Nikes.

One of my favorite snacks of all time is frozen grapes. They taste like a little delicious, good for you, burst of ice cream.

That led to a soccer game field test. Parents on the playing field get extremely competitive when it comes to outdoing the others in the “best healthy snack department”. Yeah, rolling my eyes with you.

So, I froze grapes, orange slices and blueberries the day before and took them out right before leaving for the game.

Splashing Grapes

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By the time kids get to their break, they grab their water bottles and get a chilly treat that gave them a little glucose boost for the rest of the game without expensive sports drinks that are high in sodium and not made for a youth soccer match.

It’s a fantastic option. Kids get cooled off and energized with their tasty treat and we don’t have to worry about them consuming a bunch of junk. Even parents who told me their kids didn’t eat fruit were surprised to see their kids slurping down pulpy orange slices.

So, next time it’s your turn to provide snacks at soccer, throw in a little frozen fruit. Not only will it give you a virtuous feeling knowing the kids are getting something good for them, but other parents, you know the ones, will look at you either in happiness or condescension. (There can never be a win-win when it comes to out healthying the others.)

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