Mommy is a Liar

We all lie to our kids. Unicorns don’t exist. Anacondas don’t steal cookies at night and putting your hand down the sink isn’t illegal. These lies are harmless. But important.

The new lie I made up is also harmless. But equally important.

I call it a funny lie. A white, tiny, funny lie.

When my daughter asks how Mommy met Daddy, the real response isn’t very interesting. We met at an industry function. Blah. Blah. Blah. Lame. Lame Lame.

My daughter doesn’t care that Mommy won four more Addy Awards than her dad. Or that Mommy was dating a Hungarian who ended up being gay. Those details won’t mean anything for years.

So instead of this yawn-filled tale, I’ve made up a new one that enforces something I truly believe.

Mommy met Daddy when she was teaching a class called How to Be Funny. Why do I lie? For a couple of reasons that I’ll make up right now.

1.     It makes me laugh really hard

2.     She laughs really hard

3.     My husband looks at me like I’m crazy

4.     Our dog farts

But seriously. For me, nothing is more important than humor. Laughing at life is required at our house. And I think this miniscule, blanche-colored story reinforces to her that humor is crucial. And if you can’t find it, you can always take a class.

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