Elementary School Graduation — Where does time go?

Parenting can go two ways. Either the hands on the clock spin at the speed of light, or they drag by in painful torture (usually when a tantrum is involved).

Peanut is making the big transition tomorrow. He “graduates” from the 5th grade and will be heading to middle school in the fall. My heart is swelling with pride and breaking at the same time. The little boy I nursed at my breast is wearing deodorant and doesn’t want to hold my hand anymore.

Graduation Cake Guy
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The memories are flooding though me tonight. Where has time gone? Normally, I joke about it marching all across my face. Now it’s a flow, that is bringing a torrent of emotions tonight.

I remember when he marched off to his first day of Kindergarten. So self-assured, so ready to start school and be like other big kids. Yet he was so tiny compared to all of those other menacing looking kids — the big kids. I was the one that was terrified. Fear that he would be picked on, that he would be scared, my own fears that my baby was growing up.

All of the teachers called him “a little man” because of his demeanor and the way he carried himself. What he’s always been. He’s never been the same as the other kids. Always more mature, wise for his years, an old soul — people have used all sorts of different descriptions, but they all meant the same thing: my boy was something special.

Now? He walks with the assurance of a 5th grader who rules his domain. King of his turf. With a confidence I wish I’d had when I was his age. Our elementary school has been a blessing in disguise. The staff and teachers have helped mold him into the young man he is now. The one going to middle school.

Fear is rising in me like bile. My little boy is leaving that secure nest. Flying the coop to go to a school with kids that aren’t only bigger than him, but more mature with a worldliness that scares me.

Peanut this post is for you. You’ve given me more happiness and joy in my life than any one person should ever have and I’m thankful everyday that you’re here with me. The world is your oyster. You’re smart, confident and funny. You’re my graduate and I’m going to love watching you grow into a wonderful young man.

Happy Graduation, Baby. I Love You.



  1. Ryan is the same age. The time, it flies.
    meghann @ midgetinvasion recently posted..A Day in the Life of our Cats

  2. Indeed it does…I’ve promised not to cry tomorrow, but have a feeling I’ll not be keeping that one.

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