Blog Conferences a/k/a Mommy Break

I’m getting a Mommy Break this week. That’s right, it’s blog conference season. A time to educate myself in different nuances of blogging, catch up with friends and meet ones that I only know online. I’m heading out to Type-A Parent Conference.

It’s also a break from parenting. Yes, I’m still a parent when I attend, but I don’t have to worry about doing dishes or laundry, cleaning toilets and cooking meals. It’s a break for me to just be “Lisa”.

What does that mean?

I have extra freedoms I normally wouldn’t have. Restaurants are ripe for the picking and if I want to sit and drink wine for hours with my girlfriends, I can. Showers are my own and I don’t have to worry about little people running in, opening the shower curtain to ask me a question.

I can sit on the toilet without someone wanting to come in and talk to me.

Believe me, there are plenty of us there with kids and depending on which conference I go to, I’ll have mine. But this my chance just to get a short break. Admittedly, I’m going to be exhausted when I get back , but when I get home? I’ll be so happy to see my boys. The day in day out won’t seem as daunting and I’ll be looking at everything with fresh eyes.

Some people might roll their eyes at our conferences, but it makes us better bloggers and better parents. As we get a chance to be someone else for a little while. Even if it’s only pretend.


  1. I will be bringing Myles and Ashley to EVO in a couple weeks. I am looking forward to some down time to be GENA but get to enjoy some of my kids at the same time.

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