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Mommy is a Liar

We all lie to our kids. Unicorns don’t exist. Anacondas don’t steal cookies at night and putting your hand down the sink isn’t illegal. These lies are harmless. But important. The new lie I made up is also harmless. But equally important. I call it a funny lie. A white, tiny, funny lie. When my […]

Stomp, Chomp & Roll Hosts Cookie Contest to Benefit Cookies For Kids’ Cancer

As a parent, I think the most terrifying thing I could hear would be cancer. So I am honored to be participating in the Stomp, Chomp, & Roll cookie contest. I get to try out some great cookies and raise funds for a great cause! Thanks to Elisabeth Podair for sharing this great press release! Charlotte, N.C., […]

Noshes and Nikes

Confession. I was a soccer mom. My son is an uber-geek and has decided that for right now, soccer is not his forte. He could change at any time, as 10 year old boys are apt to do. Friends have been posting online and asking what’s a good snack idea for soccer or drinks. I […]

Mom Eyes

One of the most important parts of being a parent is imparting fear into your child. Common approaches include: “Don’t run in the parking lot or daddy will die.” “Don’t touch the three-leaved plants or you’ll break a leg.” “Every time you cry, a puppy loses an ear.” Yes, it’s fiction. But fiction works. And […]

Feature Friday: upper/lowercase simple wood blocks

I ran across these upper/lowercase simple wood blocks over at the nonchalant mom and fell in love. This set is quality with a capital Q, and includes a little extra something. 14 blocks feature big, bold lettering in both uppercase and lowercase, with bright colors to draw a child’s attention. One complete embossed uppercase alphabet […]

The Muppets Movie = Happy Momma

When I was a little girl, nothing was better than sitting down to watch the majesty that was Jim Henson’s Muppets. Even as an adult, when I run across the original Muppet Movie or the Muppets on TV, I’m instantly glued to their shenanigans! You can only guess how thrilled I am that a new […]

Sounds Effects and Car Crashes

Monday. Oh, Monday. I’ve never cared that much for you. Yet, you know how to get back at me. Video games. Peanut is playing some old Corvette game for Playstation that his Godfather sent. It’s not enough that he is trying to crank the volume to concert levels, but along with the din of the […]

Blog Conferences a/k/a Mommy Break

I’m getting a Mommy Break this week. That’s right, it’s blog conference season. A time to educate myself in different nuances of blogging, catch up with friends and meet ones that I only know online. I’m heading out to Type-A Parent Conference. It’s also a break from parenting. Yes, I’m still a parent when I […]

Hard Questions: Love/Hate Relationships

Peanut sat on the sofa today while I was working and popped up with a question for me. One that I’m not quite sure how to answer. “Mom, can you love and hate someone at the same time?” When I asked him about it, he said he had been thinking a lot about my husbands […]

Father’s Day Infographic Fun!

I love infographics. It’s kind of an obsession. So, when I came across this infographic for Father’s Day from Brad’s Deals, I knew I had to share. My husband, while a tie wearer, does not like the ties I pick out. Obviously, I’m challenged in that department as I’ve been trying since we were dating. […]