Tweens, Bedtime and the Inevitable Headache

Bedtime. Such a peaceful time. When we lay our head down on a pillow and slumber. Something adults look forward to and our kids fight tooth and nail.

Peanut is fighting bedtime tooth and nail.

While I’m concerned about how he will do in school without adequate rest, he’s only concerned with watching a few minutes of television or partaking in adult conversation. Tonight was no different. He made excuses, poked around the house trying to get ready for bed.

I got tired of saying: “take your allergy meds”, “did you brush your teeth”, “have you used the bathroom”. On and on it went.

Cue the cattiness.

He finally stood in the living room, looked at us and said “I’m going to bed, no need to tuck me in. I can do it myself.” Stomping off, I could hear him muttering about not being old enough to stay up to ten o’clock and he’s right. He’s not old enough. But, he’s also not old enough to process that what I’m doing is not to be a “mean mommy”, but a good parent.

While I realize he’s not a toddler anymore, he’s also not a teen-ager. I’ve had horrible sleep habits my entire life and while I can, I’m trying to teach him that a good nights sleep is essential for school, health, and life. Knowing how miserable I can be without enough sleep, I don’t want him going through his day feeling the same way.

Did it work?

Or course not. I busted him in his room, sitting up in bed with a flashlight, reading. Peanut came out to the living room and hung out for 15 minutes and tried to use logic with me as to why he should be allowed to stay up later. Logic. Everything from “I had a good nights sleep last night” to “While I realize you weren’t being mean, I’m getting older…”.

My head hurts.

Really it does. I’m not one for arguing and I hate repeating myself and asking people to do something over and over. Same goes for my kid. Sorry Peanut, but Mom hates asking the same thing over and over and repeating.

What I really want to do is bury my head in the sand like an ostrich and not deal with the tween years. However, that’s not being a responsible adult.

However, for a little while, I can bury my head in some television that’s in syndication, drink a cup of tea and take a breather.



  1. Cute story! Just when you are thrilled that your child prompted himself, you come to realize he’s not doing what he’s supposed to do. I can definately relate to this. My children never want to sleep either. I have a feeling that 70% of mothering is repeating ourselves until our kids finally get it. If you need a break, try hiding in the bathroom. Grab your favorite magazine and lock the door. It works for me!
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