Mommy Guilt

Mommy guilt sucks. I’ve been having mega Mommy guilt and it’s driving me nuts. I am speaking at the NC Mom Blog Conference Friday and in mad preparation I have had a week packed full of appointments. It doesn’t help the elementary school sent home a note on Monday afternoon that the spelling bee was Tuesday.

I couldn’t go.

It was killing me. For the first time ever, I wasn’t there and my schedule at that point was so tight there was no way to change it. Peanut did a good job all on his own with the pouting over my not being there. Dramatics worth an Academy Award nomination folks.

Yet, it was worth it. We have had important discussions about why he is learning to stand on his own two feet. That Mom isn’t going to be there for everything (first date? I think not). He came home yesterday very confident about how he had performed and realized it wasn’t such a big deal. Chalk up the sweat off the brow.

Yet, Mommy Guilt still looms. I’ve chosen a career that does take me away from home. While I will not miss key events, like high school graduation, period. However, I have to think of the little things that I will be missing and I’ve always told him that for me, the little things are the best.

It is unavoidable?

I don’t know. Mommy Guilt is something we all experience, but I guess that ‘s it more difficult for me as I have a good track record for nearly 11 years. Will I ever get over it? I don’t know. Do we ever get past that stage in parenting?

I leave you with that question, if you have an answer, I would love to hear it.


  1. I have yet to find this all out myself but I’m sure it’s not an easy situation to be in. Always easier to say/judge when it’s not you. I think you’re a great mom for even worrying about it, some moms wouldn’t think anything of it.
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  2. I used to tell my students who were moms that motherhood IS guilt. Probably a bad attitude. But it is a fact. All we can do is try to deal with it and not be too hard on ourselves. A stiff drink once in a while helps, too. 🙂
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  3. Ahhh………seriously — after 19+ years total I am still not beyond rampant flashes or raging mommy guilt. As recently as this week, I was faced with a lot of it. Quite frankly, this time it was fully earned so all the more painful.

    As far as avoidable, no. As long as we are not capable of doing every single thing that our children need, want or my possibly want we will feel torn. The best we can do is the best we can do and that should be enough. Yet we will question, yearn, and cry because we couldn’t, shouldn’t won’t do more.

    Love them madly and unconditionally and be their safe place to land. If you do that, you’re well ahead of the curve.

  4. feeling guilt is a sign that you are a good parent. missing one spelling bee will not matter when he is an well-rounded adult.
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