A Bittersweet Valentine…

This past weekend, I sat down with Peanut to fill out his Valentines for school. He’s in 5th grade, so the whole Valentines Day celebration is not his cup of tea. His annoyance with the task at hand was only compounded with my incessant nagging to get him to finish. Looking back at it now, it’s bittersweet and not just filling out Valentines Day cards making me feel this way.

My little boy is growing up.

He’s in his last year of elementary school. Holding hands when we cross the street is no longer an option, but an annoyance. No longer does my house smell of sweet little boy, but of sweaty tween who can’t decide if he wants to use Old Spice Swagger or Axe and then combines both, leaving a headache inducing aroma of contrived manliness.

Yet I can’t help but looking at him with pride. Gracious and kind are two words I use to describe him. He’s also a giver. Friends receive help with their school work, concern when he worries they might have having issues at home or school and encouragement at every angle.

So, while I sit here mourning for my bittersweet Valentine and the times we spent huddled around the kitchen table, working on our little projects, I’ll be smiling as I watch him take flight in the new chapters of his life.

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