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A Boy Named Joe…..

I met a boy who broke my heart.  He also touched me deeply.  His unbridled sense of enthusiasm and welcoming demeanor was at odds with the bad stuff he has encountered in his young life. Joe (not his real name) befriended me at the Thompson Child & Family Focus Holiday Chapel Service.  As I took my […]

Update from the Mommyality Trenches

Bet you didn’t think I was ever going to show up over here again, did you? Well, I haven’t meant to ignore Mommyality, however life has totally gotten in the way. And when I say life, I’m talking about every damn germ on the planet ever trying to invade my body. Life has been hard […]

He’s 11, but still my baby

Mothers intuition is always right. Something told me to hang around the house today and work instead of going into the Picaboo office to catch up on some work. Turns out Peanuts cold was something a little more. It’s sinus infection central here. We’ve moved beyond the runny nose to the head stuffed full of […]

Bad Parent, No Trick-or-Treating

I’m a bad parent. Not in the “my son is neglected” way, but in the worst way possible. I laughed at my kid. Not only did I laugh, I was doubled over, tears pouring our my eyes, busting a gut laughing. And I’m still laughing while I write this. What started out as an innocent […]

I’m A Slacker Parent

It’s Halloween and I’m sitting on my sofa in my PJ’s. Peanut is at school and I’ve been at work since 7:20. Yes, I realize how lucky I’m am to be sitting here working while HGTV is blaring in the background. Unfortunately, I’ve also realized what a slacker parent I am as Peanut’s Halloween costume isn’t […]

I Like My New Jeans, But Only Ironically

Peanut is 11 and has developed his own fashion style. Which means my opinion is no longer relevant. Yes, that’s the sound of my wallet snapping shut. However, I recently stopped in at H&M while on a work trip and picked him up a pair of jeans. You know the kinda, somewhat slim in cut, […]

Fall Cooking with Costco — Pork Tenderloin with Apples

Did you know it’s National Pork Month? I didn’t either, until the Motherhood and Costco reached out for me to cook a pork tenderloin for my readers and share the recipe. It’s definitely something I was up for. I love to cook and the family dinner is a tradition I want to pass down to […]

Holy Hot Flashes Bat Man!

I’m sitting here writing this post. I’m in shorts and a tank top with the deck door open, ceiling fan on high and I’m sweating. Did I mention it’s 45 degrees out? Welcome to peri-menopause.  I’m only 38 and didn’t think this could be happening to me, but it makes a lot of sense. I’ve […]

Picaboo! Christmas is almost here! And Free Cards!

Happy Holiday friends! What? Don’t fall out in the floor. Christmas will be here before you know it and believe me, I’m already sweating it. See, I don’t shop after mid-November and I’ve not done any yet. Yes, this is me stressing out. I really don’t want to be in the stores post Thanksgiving. I […]

A Pig That Won’t Default: Pork Recipes and A Costco Giveaway

I’m a born and bred North Carolinian. Pork is staple around these parts and to be quite honest, we get down right volatile over our recipes here…especially BBQ. I’m from the Western part of the state and we like it sweet and tangy. In the Eastern part of the state they like a lot of […]