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That’s The Way The Cookies Crumble

Holiday baking has commenced and I am feeling pain from my grandiose plans to make the best Christmas cookies ever. I have said it time and time again, while I would love to be Martha Stewart, I am more of a Nigella Lawson. My Martha ideas would make the poor woman crawl under a rock, […]

Mommy’s Christmas Fantasy Wish List

via Last year, I wrote Mommy’s Christmas Fantasy Wish List on ADailyPinch. Needless to say, I think I want most of the same things this year! It doesn’t really change and let’s be quite honest, we’ve all had our Judy Jetson moment.

Feature Friday: Handmade Edibles

Cooking is not really my thing but I love to bake especially around the holidays. With so much going on during this time of year heading to the kitchen to whip up a batch of your favorite cookies may not be an option. So, here’s another option……Instead of heading to the nearest grocery store to […]

Kryptonite: Men vs. Women

I really wanted to title this post: “Men Suck”. However, since my husband reads Mommyality, I thought that might not be in the best of my interests. Last night, at 12:45, I was woken by what I thought was an elephant dying. Turns out, it was my husband throwing up. Kryptonite struck again. Oh, I […]

My Kryptonite: Stomach Virus

Most days, I fly around my house disguised as “SuperMom”. You know the kind, leaping from here to there, folding tighty-whities with one hand, coffee-cup in the other, while on a conference call and seriously reconsidering the color of my last pedicure all at once. However, that could also be the ADD talking. Yet, the […]

Setting your Holiday Table: Tips and Ideas

Give your holiday table some personality by mixing and matching styles, colors and patterns. Start with the basics then add your personal touch with layering. Start with the things you already own then add something new to create very special memories for your holiday celebrations. Here are a few ideas and tips to get you […]

Mom caves are latest interior design trend

  via Mom Caves? Why yes please! This article was sent to me and I had to share. This Momma needs a mom cave for peace, purpose and PINK!!! Do you need a mom cave?

MOMPreneur: High Impact Mom Amanda Henson

This weeks MOMPreneur is Amanda Henson from High Impact Mom! We had the pleasure to spend time with Amanda while at the Type-A Mom Conference in Asheville and I don’t know if words will ever do her justice! You have to meet her to find out just how fabulous she is! Tell us a little […]

The Sin of Selfishness: My Own

I am being selfish today. Wrapped up in myself, worrying about what the future holds, when I should be leaving the past behind me and staying fully in the present. My Great-Aunt died. Miss Margaret. She called me “Lee-tha”, for some reason, she never got the “S” in Lisa. A wonderful, kind hearted lady, who […]

The Campfire Effect in Social Media

Love this campfire analogy. via @crissy Amplify’d from The Campfire Effect in Social Media Tags: Communities December 3, 2010 by Ben Stroud 2 I’ve been a very busy boy over the past couple of months. I’m currently working for a great company, in what is the biggest and most enjoyable work challenge of my […]