That’s The Way The Cookies Crumble

Holiday baking has commenced and I am feeling pain from my grandiose plans to make the best Christmas cookies ever. I have said it time and time again, while I would love to be Martha Stewart, I am more of a Nigella Lawson. My Martha ideas would make the poor woman crawl under a rock, never to surface again.

I started off this year by making cookies for the teachers at school. The PTA decided to give each teacher 2 dozen homemade cookies and cocoa as a Christmas treat. My easiest cookie (other than slice and bake sugar cookies) are chocolate oatmeal cookies. The first batch was ruined when I accidentally tossed in regular rolled oats instead of quick oats. Those darn Quaker Oatmeal cans just look the same. However, it might have helped had I actually read the front of said can.

My next batch used the correct ingredients, however I did not boil the sugar, cocoa, butter, milk mixture long enough. Since it didn’t thicken enough, well, let’s just say I had cookies that never hardened in my kitchen. Don’t worry, that sigh you hear is my frustrations escaping like steam on a cold winter morn.

That’s the way the cookies crumble sometimes.

Yet, I shall not be downtrodden. This week, I am looking to achieve cookie glory. More chocolate oatmeal cookies, cranberry bread, pumpkin bread, sugar cookies in Star Wars shapes, cranberry orange cookies, seven-layer cookies and pretzels!

I’m like Regis Philbin and out of control!


  1. Please feel free to add us to your cookie recipient list. We’ve been good all year long.

  2. Shelly Bowman says

    Only giggling because I have had plenty of DUH moments in the kitchen. Not this year though. My cooking has seriously suffered this year behind all the work I have.

    My tips – pre-measure & set aside everything. It seems like a pain but it’s really helpful. Do not rush. Read that one again. Check your oven temp and adjust accordingly. It makes a huge difference. đŸ™‚

  3. painting contractor manhattan says

    Oh my. Now I’m craving with cookies. BTW, I enjoy reading the post in this site. Keep up the good work!


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