MOMPreneur: High Impact Mom Amanda Henson

This weeks MOMPreneur is Amanda Henson from High Impact Mom! We had the pleasure to spend time with Amanda while at the Type-A Mom Conference in Asheville and I don’t know if words will ever do her justice! You have to meet her to find out just how fabulous she is!

Tell us a little about yourself.
A little about myself? I’m not great at just saying a little.  I am a twenty-eight year old Work at Home Mom with two beautiful little girls and am married to my college sweetheart {who just happens to be the smartest man I know}.  I’m a closet geek and a part time comedienne with a strong social media addiction & a heart for Christ.  I shop at Walmart, I tan and I’m a Southern girl.  I love sweet tea and dark chocolate…oh and the ever elusive quiet time. Did I mention I’ve also just started back to school to finish my marketing degree?  At this time I’m blessed to be managing social media for two amazing companies, local home-builders: Sanctuary Homes and an education-based social network: Parentella.  I also blog about my life in Rural America at High Impact Mom

What prompted you to start a business? And, how do you stay energized about your work? It’s funny what you’ll do when you’re broke and your kids still want to eat.  When I was pregnant with my second daughter, I was placed on bed rest and consequently lost my job.  As a long time follower of blogs, I realized this was the perfect time to start my own private blog to journal my way through a difficult pregnancy.  I’m lucky to do what I love, so staying energized isn’t a problem. When I start feeling burnt out I take a step back and spend some time disconnected and focused on my family.  The joy they bring to my life never fails to motivate me and re-inspire me.

How do you balance family life and work? Scheduling?

Is there even such a thing as a balanced family life and work life? I’m thinking no.  Throughout the last few years I have tried many different schedules only to find that they work until something comes into your life and throws a wrench in it.  Right now the schedule that works the best for me is for me to work Monday-Friday and reserve the weekends for family fun only.  Since my three year old stays home with throughout the day, I have had to find a way to work while not neglecting her and missing out on all the fun that comes along with her.  I work early in the morning, during naps, and into the night.  I balance work for two companies, my blog, and homework along with housework, church, and extra-curricular activities by setting a particular schedule and sticking to it, while remember that life happens and sometimes schedules must be adjusted.
Tell us about your workspace.
I work everywhere. While I do have a desk, I often find myself working from the bar in our kitchen (or if I’m really lucky from bed).  My workspace generally only requires my laptop, internet access, and a little quiet.  I’m an adapter, so I can make wherever I am work for me.
What do you do to escape work and family life to just be you?
I’m an avid reader.  All I need to escape is my Kindle and a little unscheduled quiet time.  When I get the chance I love to take in plays, go to rock concerts, and travel.  I love going to blogging/social media conferences
because I get the opportunity to be with the friends I love, be my wild and wooly self, and talk about doing what I love.
What advice would you give to moms that want to start a business? Any parting words of wisdom?
Just do it! BUT be ready for nothing to go the way you planned; be prepared to make adjustments to your plan and schedule; talk to your family and let them know you’re going to need their help and support.  Believe in yourself, because if you don’t it’s going to show and no one else will believe in you either.  Have fun…and if you don’t succeed right away, don’t stop…don’t give up.


  1. Love Amanda – I don’t care how successful a blogger is if she is not down to earth with everyone else and Amanda is a total sweetheart

  2. Wow – we share a very similar story. It’s nice to hear I’m not the only one struggling with work-life balance!! Sometimes I don’t think it’s POSSIBLE to do both. But then we all make it through and live to blog another day. LOL!

    Great interview!
    Vera @ Lady and the Blog recently posted..VIDEO- Fashion Hauling At JCREW

  3. i LOVE amanda. she’s seriously one of my faves. i met her at blogher chicago, kinda by accident but there is no such thing, right?!
    yeah, she’s awesome.

  4. Lots of great advice from Amanda!
    Amy B. recently posted..THE END Of Hanukkah


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