Kryptonite: Men vs. Women

I really wanted to title this post: “Men Suck”. However, since my husband reads Mommyality, I thought that might not be in the best of my interests. Last night, at 12:45, I was woken by what I thought was an elephant dying. Turns out, it was my husband throwing up.

Kryptonite struck again. Oh, I knew it was coming. He came home from work, freezing and queasy and went straight to bed, getting up only at 10 pm to check on me and take a few sips of a Coca-Cola. I curled up with the family furnace, Peanut, and after finally getting my brain to shut off, was able to go to sleep. Then it started. For such a slender man, the sounds coming out of him sounded like something out of this world. Here is where I stop. My mom is a nurse and what would have been normal, everyday conversation in my house, is going to be TMI for you.

Peanut and I were dragging this morning as Dad woke us both up. So, after I shuttled him off to Safety Patrol (nothing like 10 degrees to wake you up!), I came home, made a pot of coffee and settled in for the Weather Channel. Tank dragged himself out of bed, came out to the living room and fixed himself a dainty little Winnie-the-Pooh cup full of water. After 15 hours of sleep, his eyes were clear, face smiling and he headed over to our desktop.


Yeah, I don’t get it either. He’s not really eaten anything today, just been sipping on water, but other than he “feels fine” and wants pizza for dinner. Seriously? Pizza? I wanted to ask him “Who are you? The Grand Poobah of the Cast Iron Stomach Brigade?” Mine started Friday and I am still gingerly dancing around most things edible.

So yes, my Kryptonite is certainly not his. Which makes me think that Superman was just a big old baby. After all, if Tank gets a cold, he complains for days. However, if it involves food? I guess that’s truly what he meant when he said what he wanted in a wife: “a woman with manners, morals and can cook”. His stomach knows no bounds!


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