Escape from Mommyality: Train and Hotel

Last week my husband gave me the best Christmas gift EVER, a two day escape from my Mommyality! He bought me an Amtrak train ticket to Charlotte and two nights at the Aloft Charlotte Uptown at the EpiCentre. At first, I wasn’t too crazy about the idea of riding the train for my trip but I’m so glad he talked me into it. It was my first Amtrak experience and I loved it. Once I got settled on the train and had some time to decompress I found the ride very relaxing. And, when I arrived at the Charlotte station Lisa’s smiling face was there to greet me. While in Charlotte, Lisa introduced me to some great people, took me to her favorite local hangouts, and gave me an awesome guided tour of Charlotte. We had so much fun we may have to make this a new holiday tradition. Oh yeah, and did I mention my mother-in-law was at my house while I was gone (Bonus!).

Thank you, husband, for giving me a few days off to regroup and re-energize. I loved my Christmas gift!

Pictures from the train…..

Pictures from the hotel……

We worked a little…… (Really!? You brought pencils and planners)


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