Time change! Let’s fall back!

Don’t forget that time changes tonight! It’s that time that we turn our clocks back and graciously accept the extra hour of sleep we are granted! Some things we should remember take care of while turning our clocks back:

1. Change the batteries in the smoke and CO2 detectors. Safety is paramount for our families!

2. Check the medicine cabinet. Have you got expired meds lurking? It’s time to replace them.

3.  Check the first-aid kit. What do you need in it? Summer fun can make it easy to run low on supplies, as well as forget to stock up again.

4. Routine car maintenance is a must. Make sure the lights on the car or your bike are in working order. Conditions change weekly and it means safer driving for you!

5. Change the filters on your heating system. I change mine monthly, so it’s always a good self-checkup to make sure that

That’s my list of to-do’s for time-change. What are yours?

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