The Headless Chicken

There are days that I feel Peanut is like a headless chicken, running around with no direction and fiddle farting his way through life.

Today is one of those days.

We got up on time, nothing was rushed. I cooked breakfast, we got ready and then, off to school for Safety Patrol. He had his lunch box, his backpack and even remembered his deodorant. However, he missed one minor detail.

His project we had been working on for a month.

Crazy Chickens

The sound you hear is my forehead hitting the keyboard. It’s not like I didn’t remind him to take his project. It was sitting with his backpack and lunch box. Luckily, I had to run back home and what did I see? Said geographical layout of the fake Antarctic “Thanksgiving Island”, complete with the capital of New Pork City.

Was I this forgetful? Are girls this forgetful? Or is it a boy thing? I have no idea, but I do see a phone call to my Mom later today to pick her brain. Maybe it’s his disorganization. He is not the most put together child. At times, I wonder if he is going to be like the nutty professor. You know the one, who unbuttons his vest and then wets his pants.

So, now we have to have a talk this evening about being responsible. But, I need to remind myself of that responsibility as well. I should have noticed that he didn’t have his project. So whose fault is it really? I am trying to prepare him for life and all of the curve balls it throws at you. Except these are the days when I feel like I am only making the curve steeper. Mommy guilt sucks.

What do you do when you are trying to teach the kids to be more responsible, but forget yourself?

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