Parenting on Easy Street

When I discuss parenting with my friends, I sometimes wonder how I got it so easy. Let’s face it, my son is one of those “easy” kids in terms of temperament. He only cried when he was hungry, and I could, and have, taken him anywhere. There was only one tantrum in public I can think of. He wanted a $70 remote controlled car when he was 3. After being told no and throwing himself onto the floor of the store, he was carried out, put in the car and taken home. Now that he’s 10? Well, I am still parenting on easy street.

Yet, the more I think about it, the more I realize that maybe it’s not all him. Sure, he’s good natured, but in parenting, I learned it’s about picking your battles and consistency. The small stuff? I let it slide. Now that he’s older, I have figured out how to deal with his clothes not making it into his hamper. (Until this summer, not a problem) When he was out of clean socks, I did the same thing to him that I did to his Dad when we first married. Looked and said “funny, there were no socks in your hamper”. From now on? Socks in the hamper. It didn’t hurt that he had to wear of my socks to school that day, with pink trim. He was a little irritated, but I’ve not had a sock in the hamper issue in three months.

Consistency has been my best part. I am a consistent parent. There is no other way to put it. I like things as they are and in an a direct manner. Try as you might, you aren’t going to bribe me. Let me take that back. George Clooney, with wine and unlimited time at his house on Lake Como? Sure, bribe away Georgie-Boy. My kid? Forget it. I don’t roll that. Yelling is not something I do and a lot of times, I don’t discuss things until I have had time to process with reason and be reasonable. Sometimes it’s immediate, while at other times, I take a day. Believe me, I am not saying to reason with the kids. It’s to reason with yourself. It can keep a big blowup from happening and what could have been a volatile issue, a minor one at best.

So, that’s the best I can give you. Consistency, picking your battles and George Clooney. My keys to parenting on easy street.

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