Eau de Stud

It’s after 11 pm and I am sitting in bed with the air reeking Axe Deodorant; or as I shall hereafter refer to it as “Eau de Stud”. My son, bless his heart, has decided that instead of wearing not enough deodorant that he needs more.

When he showers, Axe. When he gets dressed. Axe. If he decides that’s not the shirt he wants to wear and is getting another one. More Axe. In the afternoon, when he gets home from school and changes clothes. Axe.  If he has to get dressed again so we can go out? Axe. And then the nightly shower. More Axe.

My olfactory system may never be the same.

Listen, there is so much Axe tossed around in this house, you would think we are the ones responsible for the destruction of the Rain Forest.

So tonight, Peanut said he wasn’t showering before bed and would take care of it in the morning. Wanna know how much Axe he used to compensate? The entire house smells like a Fraternity, minus the booze and bong worthy substances.

I don’t want him to overdo it, me being the paranoid tree hugging sort. Yet, it’s been kinda nice not having Eau de OMG wafting around. So, do I let him hang loose and hopefully his deodorizing ways will level off, or do I discuss overkill?Cause I am not sure what’s worse, his natural funky, worse than a professional football team’s locker room B.O., or his “I’m the man, smell my pits scented like Phoenix, because they rise from the ashes and other cool stuff”.

I guess it could be worse. He could be walking around, pretending he’s the Old Spice guy.

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