Halloween Safety–What to take!

Halloween safety  is a big issue.  Did you know pedestrian related accidents involving children on Halloween is four times higher than any other time of the year?

What does a smart mom/dad take with them on Halloween to help guide their precious little ones in this childhood passage of spooky fun?

1. Reflective tape. My son is dressing up as Darth Vader this year and I am adding it strategically to his costume so that he shows up better to passing motorists.

2. Flashlights. Take one per person and make sure you have fresh batteries. Glow sticks are nice. but not bright enough.Trick or Treating 3. Bottled water. I carry a backpack with bottles of water. There is nothing like having a little one half way down a busy street complaining about being thirsty. It’s only going to get louder on the way back to the car or house.

4. Snacks. Why bring a snack when you are getting all this candy? Simple. You don’t have time to inspect it. I like to mix up a combo of Cheerios I’ve toasted in a dry pan and M&M’s. It’s a nice snack and they get the taste of “sweet” that they are looking for. Just don’t eat it all yourself. (You’ll be tempted.)

5. First aid kit. Antiseptic spray, steri strips and bandages. You will be surprised at how many kids in the neighborhood whose rescue you might come to.

6. Cell Phone. If you run into an emergency, you want to be prepared. Make sure you remind friends and family no texting and driving.

7. Shoes. Well-fitting shoes that your child normally wears are essential. I realize sneakers might not complete the “look” of Suzy’s princess get-up, but people are not going to say “How could they make that child wear those bulky shoes? She needs little pumps to complete her outfit”.

Here’s to a safe Halloween! Happy Haunting!


  1. OMG. Scott would love if Harlow was Darth Vader. He’s a HUGE Star Wars fan. If you look at older pics, you’ll see his Storm Trooper costume from last year LOL and I love the sound of cheerios and m & m’s!

  2. mommyality says

    We are huge Star Wars fans here as well! I have a Darth Vader costume, but it’s a little too big for Harlow!

    Snacks that are good for you are essential. Otherwise? They are starving.

  3. Great list Lisa! Scott (my husband) actually had a Darth Vader costume that he’s planning on wearing for halloween. Gotta love Star Wars!

  4. mommyality says

    I do! Peanut is going to be a pirate this year, so I am trying to finish up his costume now! Time to head out to Goodwill!

  5. Great tips Lisa! We don’t really have too many neighborhoods up here in the mountains, but we usually go to Fall Festivals at churches or to the mall.

  6. These are wonderful tips! We go in big groups and comfy shoes are required LOL 🙂
    Annie @ mama dweeb recently posted..WW ~ OZtoberfest 2011

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