A Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Night!

Last night I was a guest of the Blumenthal Performing Art Center for the Broadway musical Mary Poppins as part of the Broadway Lights Series presented by Duke Energy at the Belk Theater! One of my favorite movies ever, I was thrilled at the prospect of attending and certainly was not disappointed.Entering Belk Theater and seeing elementary school aged children dressed in their best was a sight for sore eyes. With everything from sparkly tennis shoes to miniature high heels paired with Easter best and hair bows meant to convey bubblegum cuteness, the excitement was contagious. Enough so that the middle-school aged boys sitting beside me, talking about the lameness of being there, were clapping louder than anyone else by the end of the first song! For a first Broadway experience, this was definitely the pick of the litter.I am a stickler for staying true to character and Caroline Sheen (as Poppins) fit the bill. She was not only practically perfect, but made sure she stood as only Mary Poppins would: heels together, toes out. The Banks household was portrayed by the show as one of upwardly mobile, trying to set the tone of propriety and class status by George (Laird Mackintosh), much to the dismay of Winfred (Blythe Wilson). Jane (Camille Mancuso) and Michael (Talon Ackerman) are a hard act to beat with their performance. Combined with Dominic Roberts (Bert) channeling “Royal Wedding” and Fred Astaire by dancing and walking on the ceiling, only one word can describe it: breathtaking.While some scenes are missing from that you see in the movie version, they are replaced with majestic backdrops and lighting that make you oooh and ahh. It was a visual feast that left me feeling a little punch drunk; like Henri Matisse had come back to life to mastermind the amazing colors used in each set. My favorite scenes were the collapsible kitchen and I am still trying to figure out Mary’s Carpet Bag. I realize that most of the stuff pulled out snapped together. However, I am still confused as to how they fit it all in there. Set trickery was just another part of the genius that is Mary Poppins.

Mary Poppins was a thrilling experience. From the time curtain came up, until the end when Mary soared through the air across the crowd, it was a breathtaking experience filled with gorgeous scenery, exquisite costumes and songs that keep you singing long after the evening is done.

You can still see Mary Poppins! It will be showing at the Belk Theater until September 19th. Buy your tickets here!

Disclosure: I was compensated with tickets to attend this event, but my reviews are solely my own and represent my honest opinions. Lisa Frame, Mommyality and Blumenthal Shows support Blog With Integrity.



  1. Can’t wait til Harlow is old enough to attend something like this!

  2. OOH< one of my friends went to see this and LOVED it! I heard Burt actually dances on the ceiling!

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