Type-A Mom, I’m Going??

Maybe my Type-A Mom conference badge should read something like these:

Type-A-Mom Conference, I’m going??


Type-A-Mom Conference, what the heck was I thinking when I signed up for that?

Or even,

Type-A-Mom Conference, what has Lisa gotten me into this time?

Well, just recently I did it! I signed up and bought a full conference ticket to the Type-A-Mom conference in Asheville, NC. I’m still scratching my head and wondering why I bought a ticket to go to a conference on a subject that I know almost nothing about. For months, Lisa has invited me to go to this conference but I never really gave it a serious consideration until recently. With a toddler in the house planning something like a trip out of town to go to a conference seemed very far out of reach for me. And, when I asked my husband if he minded if went to a mom blogging conference in Asheville with Lisa, he gave me a raised eye brow and a half-hearted “do what you want to do”, “do whatever makes you happy” kind of answer. Not exactly the support I was hoping to get.

I’ve been out of the full-time work force for almost 4 years now but it’s not like I haven’t been busy. The last couple years I’ve been raising a very active little boy and running my Etsy shop, Shams & Coverups. In the last couple of months I’ve gotten a little burnt out on the daily demands of being a full-time stay at home mommy. I’ve been longing for something to jolt my brain back into the world of other adults and their conversation. Spending my days worrying about nap times, dirty diapers, and various other toddler activities is very different from the cube land I lived in as a full-time senior accounting analyst. But, I would not trade being a full-time stay at home mommy to my son for anything else in the entire world. I love that I’ve been here for all his firsts. This experience is also arming with some wonderful potentially embarrassing stories I can share with his friends during the awkward teenage years (just like my mom did for me).

Building my Etsy shop over the last couple years has given me many challenges and rewards and introduced me to other crafters and has given me a sense of community. So, with Type-A-Mom I’m hoping to get the same thing. Lisa has been so excited about this conference since she first found out about it and has already been scoping out more blogging/social media conferences to attend. Lisa and I both have our own blogs that we have been writing on and off for years (Lisa much longer than me). And, Lisa has done various guest posts on other blogs as well. With Lisa as the Mommyality twitter maven, editor in chief plus her love of writing combined with my terrific two stories and obsession to make the blog look perfect and ability to stare at code for hours on end; together we should make a pretty great team.

With a business administration degree under my belt and 10 years plus of work in banking and accounting, session titles at the Type-A Mom conference such as Blogger Finances make me feel comfortable and well within my element. Other session titles on the schedule, such as Business Speed Dating, sound like something that would make my husband jealous. Yet other sessions, such as Rebranding your blog or hiring designers, seem much less intimidating after being married to an interaction designer for twelve years. The Writing Intensive session is the one that gives me absolutely the most butterflies. When I hear that title, I get that very same gut wrenching, I think I’m going to hurl, I can’t stare at this blank sheet of paper for one more moment or I’ll explode! These are memories of every paper I turned in late and with the ink still drying during my high school and college years.

Although I’m still not one hundred sure about what I’ve really gotten myself into, one thing for certain is I’ll be hanging with my best bloggy friend and will have the opportunity to meet some wonderful new ones.


  1. Girl, I will be throwing up with you.

    I’m going, but am now wondering what I got myself into. Will they kick me out when they find out that I’m far from Type A?

  2. mommyality says

    Well, I do know one thing. It will be an awesome learning experience and we’ll be able to meet some great people. We are looking forward to going. See you there!

  3. Hi! I am visiting from the links at the conference site! Shell, you will most definitely not be kicked out!Type A is for everyone and Asheville is a laid back town so lots of the locals that are attending are far from Type A. It really is a conference for anyone who has or considering starting a blog. It’s going to be a great time! And thanks for mentioning Blogger Finances, it just so happens that is my session. 🙂

  4. Fantastic! This is Lisa, but I am speaking for Emili. She looks at me like we have lost our minds at times. She will be the one sitting in on your session (and I hate I am missing it!). However, I can rustle up my alter-ego, @daily_pinch, and take you out for a cup of coffee or lunch next time I am in town and have you tell me all over again. LOL. We are both from Western, NC so quite familiar with AVL. I was there last weekend!

    Thanks for stopping by babe!


  5. You ladies will have a great time at the conference. I went last year, and it was such a laid back, welcoming atmosphere. There’s lots to do, tons to learn and so many new friends to meet. This year I’m coming without my family in tow, so I hope to be able to dedicate myself completely to the conference and meeting as many people as I can. Hope to meet you!

  6. We are looking forward to it also! I’m also going without my family in tow to dedicate myself to the conference. Please do say hello! ~Emili Bower

  7. Oh heavens I think we are in the same boat. Also I am in denial. I just realized I ned funny American money to go and holy crap I need to do a list of stuff for my husband to remember. Like what time the kids have to be driven to school and etc. Oh man I feel like the lady in the pic you posted up there. Also my lfight is at 6 a.m. Friday from Toronto. Any idea what time that means I have to be up at? Crap! Hope to see you there. Paralyzed with fear. Paula

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