Housework is my Achilles Heel

I used to love housework. Nothing suits me more than a clean house with everything in its place. However, being a busy mom who works from home, volunteers, and is on several boards for organizations locally, I am all sorts of busy. I also wouldn’t have it any other way.

Well, maybe one other way. With a housekeeper. Full-time. Because I am telling you, my baseboards? They give me the stink eye, all the time. However, the dust bunnies under my bed keep me awake at night as they are filled with glee and multiplying exponentially, giggling and taunting me with their prolific procreation.

Slow down? No way. I’m happiest when I am busy. If I am twiddling my thumbs out of boredom? Well, my family loves me and I would for them continue doing so.

Yet, it’s the little things that drive me bonkers. For example, I quite literally took a break in the middle of this post to put in a load of jeans to wash. Jeans? In July? In North Carolina? Yes. My son, the apple of my eye, the fruit of my proverbial loins, how I am ready to wring his neck. The jeans were washed when it was time for them to be stored for the season. Instead of putting them in his dresser like I asked, he shoved them under his bed. Where they have been since May.

Needless to say, the dust bunnies were happy to find their new playmates. So happy, in fact, they left them coated with a fine layer of fur balls that rivaled a summer hail storm. I might be exaggerating a little. Yet when I found them, I’m not sure if it was exasperation, frustration or hilarity that was motivating factor that pressed me into cleaning his room. Sock orphans, plastic army men, light sabers, and books were also keeping the bunnies entertained. It was must have been one hell of a party, cause those bunnies puked all over the place.

That leaves me where I am right now. Making a “to-do” list and delegating tasks to the ones I love. I have asked before and they have agreed. However, they tend to forget within 20 minutes. So, something concrete will be helpful for all of us. Which means more time to do family stuff, take day trips and less time with Mommy running around like a frenzied mad woman.

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