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Feature Friday: Back to School Handmade Finds

I always love to support handmade whenever possible so this week I’m featuring a few items I found on Etsy for back to school. If you want to find more simply go to the website and use the search term “back to school”. These are just a few of the amazing items that I found! […]

Wordless Wednesday: Barrel Monster

Flow, or Lack Thereof

I am on vacation. That’s the good news. The bad? I cannot unwind. Being on edge is never good. Being on edge while on vacation truly sucks. Staying balanced is difficult on any normal day. However, I am on vacation. I should be able to relax. To let go, unwind, release, relax. Well, it sucks, […]

Feature Friday: 7 Things that are Back to School Cool

I love nothing more than shopping for school supplies. Pencils, pens, papers, and folders really get me excited! So this week, I am focusing on the practical and the fun! 1. LL Bean Lunch Boxes:  Peanut has been carrying the same one since Kindergarten and it will carry him through 5th grade this year and […]

Andy Williams was wrong…

While it’s true that I am on vacation this week, as soon as I get home I have to think about getting Peanut ready to go back to school. That’s why I am thinking about school supplies. My Feature Friday tomorrow will be “Back to School” fun! You all know the Christmas carol “It’s the […]

The Bean Counter

This week my Puddin’ became an official bean counter. When it comes to kids, sometimes the simplest of toys or activities are best. A while back when I was visiting the preschool he’ll be attending in the fall, I had a chance to see kids doing these types of activities first hand. While observing the […]

Wordless Wednesday

Why I stopped at one.

People ask us all the time “when are you going to have more kids?”. We give them the easy answer…for them. “It’s just not been the right time.” “We haven’t really thought about it.” “We were waiting until we found a larger home.” I’ve even been asked why I am being selfish since my son […]

Housework is my Achilles Heel

I used to love housework. Nothing suits me more than a clean house with everything in its place. However, being a busy mom who works from home, volunteers, and is on several boards for organizations locally, I am all sorts of busy. I also wouldn’t have it any other way. Well, maybe one other way. […]

Feature Friday: Original Sock Dogs by Three Red Trees

Stacey Hsu is not only a super busy mom to two wonderful children; she is also a wife, children’s book illustrator, published author, plush designer and creator of Original Sock Dogs. Her Original Sock Dogs were first introduced at Art Unleashed 2005, an annual live and silent art auction benefiting the Humane Society of Greater […]