Murphy’s Law is a Parents Best Friend

Last night was interesting and it goes to show you that as a parent, sometimes your best laid plans aren’t fail proof.  In fact, when you are a parent, always apply Murphy’s Law as a given.

I forgot that.

A night out is a reminder that you were once living a completely different night that what you are now. When you head home, knowing that you son is on a sleepover and that your husband is out of town? It’s like being single again, this time without the annoying roommate.

I had my night out with some great folks. We were having cocktails to celebrate our team effort at hosting a Twitter table for Thompson Child and Family Focus in Charlotte. Tweeting under the hash tag #tweeta20, our group of ten came together to help those children who need more than just a helping hand, they need an entire village. Our tiny part of the village raised $4,000 using Twitter and Facebook.

I will always be humbled they picked me out of the Charlotte Twitter community to assist them.

Well, after I got home I settled in with Breakfast at Tiffany’s and a very large glass of water. I also had my laptop with full intentions of writing about being at home alone and how much I was enjoying it.

However, Murphy decided to visit.  It seems that Peanut, who was sleeping over at his best friends, decided that Alice In Wonderland would be a good movie to watch.  Let’s all repeat this to ourselves, Tim Burton movies are not conducive to sweet dreams.

At 11:21 my phone rang. If my phones rings that late, I tend to freak out just a little. My heart drops into my stomach, my breath catches and I feel an instant surge of panic. When I was younger? It was just a friend calling me to pick them up because they had had too much to drink. Now, with elderly grandparents, I tend to think the worst.

A tiny voice on the other line said “Hi, Mom”. I asked him if he was okay, he said “yes, but I think I want to come home now”. After asking if he was sure, it was time to head back out. Luckily, I just had to go one street over. When he got in the car, he told me what he didn’t want to admit in front of his friend. He had been scared by the movie and just wanted to cuddle with me.

Next time Murphy comes to visit me, I will gladly welcome him. Heck, I might even buy him a drink. After all, it’s not every day that he gives you a kid that was telling you six hours ago there was no need to get out of the car; to one that wants to cuddle his Mommy and be her baby again…even if it’s only until he goes to sleep.

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