Mommy Management: Keeping on schedule

Time management has never been my forte. When you throw in a nine year old that has his own schedule, a busy husband, PTA, volunteer work, blah, blah, blah, lets just say that hectic is an understatement.

People ask me all the time, “How you do it all”. Quite honestly? I don’t know, there is no magic answer I can give. What I can tell you is I have tools that do make my life easier and I utilize those to the fullest extent possible.

Luckily for me, I was introduced to the amazing BusyBodyBooks by the fabulous Stefania Pomponoi Butler. We were twittering about time management one day and she said this was her tool and sent me an extra one that she had at home. It was love at first scribble.

Joan Goldner and BusyBodyBooks have been my lifesaver many times re: time management. It is never out of my sight and always with me. Packed in single-subject notebook size is my life, written on it’s lined pages. Yes, I have a smartphone, online calendars, etc., however I am a paper kinda gal.

Those other tools? I do use them. But that is only if something disastrous were to happen. Like my BusyBodyBook disappear due to some freakish incident where a black hole opened up and swallowed it.  After all, it’s a lot easier to press a button and ignore something that’s beeping at you.  Plus, I learned how to tune annoying noises out pretty quickly, thanks to my son.

So, what is so great about BusyBodyBooks? I love them. They are decorative, the tough plastic cover protects it from spills and tears, and the front and back pockets hold necessities.  The inside pages are based on a grid, so you can write in either family members names or what your projects are, and sort them out for the week. On the page opposite there is a to-do list, as well as an area for “to doodles” that you can take notes, doodle, or scribble random thoughts. The back has a planner for the next year, to-do list tear out sheets and a section for important names and phone numbers.

My family’s favorite section? The take-out and restaurant page. As my husband so eloquently phrases, I have cooked many memorable meals, some for the entirely wrong reasons.

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