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People always tell you before you have a baby to do the things you like to do before the baby is born. Such as, take a vacation or go on a baby moon, start and finish household projects, watch TV, go out to eat, and the biggie, SLEEP, because you won’t be able to any of this once the baby comes.

Two years later, I’ve had no relaxing vacation to speak of, have multiple unfinished projects around the house (inside and out) and TV, well, I do own one and it does work. What little TV time I had now belongs to Elmo. Eating out with a two year old usually ends up with a takeout order in a white plastic “Thank You” bag. And, sleep? What is that???

Well, now I can fully understand what all the advice and warnings were all about! And, hearing people say “What did I do with my time before I had children?” You can’t even imagine what having children are all about and how they change your life, you just have to experience it for yourself.

With a husband who works a lot of hours and not much family close by to help me out, I spend lots of time alone with my little guy. I love every minute I can spend with my son but sometimes it can get overwhelming and exhausting to have someone need your undivided attention all day long.

Thankfully, my friend Lisa has been there to help me keep my head up and has encouraged me along the way. As the busy work from home mother of a 9 year old boy she’s shared her “I’ve been there” stories with me. Her willingness to listen has really helped me out as a new mom. I do, however, fear any of her sentences that start with “Oh, just you wait”.

This blog is for all those experienced mommies and for the moms to be. Very simply, Mommyality started with a one exhausted mommy! After a little research during my son’s nap one day, I called up Lisa to talk to her about the idea and with a few strokes of the keyboard and a couple of clicks of the mouse Mommality was ours.

Welcome to Mommality where being a mom is a 24 hour 7days a week job. Follow us on our mommy journey. Listen to us and other mommies tell it all, give first hand accounts, vent and rave about our little wonders.

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