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Week 6: Second Pregnancy Syndrome

There’s a term called Second Pregnancy Syndrome and it covers all the shit that happens to a woman the second time she gets pregnant. As I’m learning, it’s harder the second time around. For one thing, you’re more attuned to all the changes and you’re probably fatter, your posture sucks and well, you’re older. But […]

Wordless Wednesday: Karate + Ballet

4th of July Cupcakes

Cupcakes are great for just about any occasion, including the 4th of July! They are so ultra easy to make with just about any kind of cake recipe you can think of;  including cake mixes right out of the box (um, well, yeah, we used one). It doesn’t take much to turn these tiny cakes […]

Simple and Summery Face in 5 Minutes

Hi. My name is Lisa and I am a product a-holic. I started wearing make-up when I was 11 and remember it very clearly. My Dad(!!) actually took me to the Estee Lauder counter and bought my foundation, clear lipgloss and a pale, pale pink blush. Looking back on it now, he didn’t want his little girl […]

The Mommyality of Lisa: Part 1

Life comes at you with all sorts of twists and turns. In my mommy fantasyland? I am the perfect mother whose son is the most well-behaved, athletic, scholarly child man has ever seen.  Sweat is never on my brow, I am the quintessential hostess, and my voice is carefully modulated. I am a mixture of […]

Wordless Wednesday: Where did I park my car?

Wordless Wednesday: My Favorite Fella: Asheville, NC

Father’s Day Fun at the Zoo

On Sunday, we decided to take a little day trip for Father’s Day. Daddy opened his Father’s Day gift, two handmade shirts from medium control on Etsy. Then he picked out one to wear for the day

Bib and Burp Cloth Set by Emili

via So, yes. This is a little shameless self-promotion, but dag nab it, I don’t have a baby now. My friends are pregnant, so that gives me Carte Blanche to call Emili and get her to make custom goodies for me. However, this Bib and Burp Cloth Set she has on her Etsy shop […]

Week 5: Beauregard, Bethany and Apple

Everyone I know is pregnant. From my oldest friend who once dyed her “public hair” yellow and then stained my couch, to the former captain of my kickball team. Across America and Facebook updates, it seems as though everyone is talking about being pregnant. Last week, I gathered with a couple of fellow pregos to make […]