Internal Marketing at its Finest

As I’ve mentioned to everyone with ears, my daughter eats five things. Chicken nuggets, noodles, eggs, cheese and fruit—the usual suspects. So I’ve been looking for ways to enhance her palate. Here are some recommendations from really smart mommies + daddies.   Daddy’s Special Sauce. Niche marketing is in. And no demographic is too small. […]

Killing All the Unicorns

I’ve always been sensitive to my daughter’s emotions. For years, my husband and I altered words to ensure we didn’t hurt her tiny membranes. Instead of sick, we’d say someone was “lying down.” If someone died, we’d used the word “passed.” My husband and I tiptoed around the sadness of life like clumsy ballerinas. The […]

Toddler Vacay: Shuffleboard Edition

Emili has been on vacation for three weeks. It’s one of the reasons we were able to get launched as she wasn’t tied up in her sweat shop and her parents were helping her with Puddin’. She sent me these photos from her the car packed up for the trip home. The only way you […]