New Mommy Fitness Myths Debunked

My job as a certified fitness professional is to help people get into, or back into, a healthy shape and weight. All the time, we come across mothers looking to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies, while building enough energy and strength in order to care for their growing families. I know it’s hard to fit exercise […]

Why I stopped at one.

People ask us all the time “when are you going to have more kids?”. We give them the easy answer…for them. “It’s just not been the right time.” “We haven’t really thought about it.” “We were waiting until we found a larger home.” I’ve even been asked why I am being selfish since my son […]

Week 7: Ravenous Beaver

Last time I was pregnant, I was on the trade show circuit. I traveled to Vegas six times during my pregnancy. That was when you could pack as many bags as you wanted. That year, my body pillow flew around the world. I love working trade show because it’s my chance to pretend like I […]

Week 6: Second Pregnancy Syndrome

There’s a term called Second Pregnancy Syndrome and it covers all the shit that happens to a woman the second time she gets pregnant. As I’m learning, it’s harder the second time around. For one thing, you’re more attuned to all the changes and you’re probably fatter, your posture sucks and well, you’re older. But […]

Week 4: Spoogie and the Power Sperm

I took a pee test during lunch hour. Two lines: Pregnant. I’m shocked the rest of the day. How’d this happen? I kept asking the only person who knew, my co-worker. She makes a circle out of one finger and pushes another finger through the hole. Yes, we had sex. My husband and I had […]