The Rise of the EMO Mommy

We’ve all seen the Emo kids. Heck, back in my day, we were called “goth” or some other form of teen creature who wore all black, a lot of black eyeliner and trench-coats when it was 100 degrees. I wasn’t that deep. (I was more of a thrash/speed metal gal.) Yes, there was a lot […]

Quiet around these here parts…

It’s been pretty quiet around these here parts. Not because I’ve not had anything to say, but because my kid is growing up and with that come growing pains on how to write about parenting here. Now that Peanut is the grand old age of 12, he wants me to “neutralize” my thoughts. Does someone […]

5th Grade Senior Citizen

Peanut and I were hanging out earlier today, watching TV and just relaxing. After a Lego Duplo commercial went off the air, he looked at me and said, “Mom, life was so much easier back then. Now, I am the senior citizen of elementary school.” How do I respond? By saying, “I know that growing […]

The Headless Chicken

There are days that I feel Peanut is like a headless chicken, running around with no direction and fiddle farting his way through life. Today is one of those days. We got up on time, nothing was rushed. I cooked breakfast, we got ready and then, off to school for Safety Patrol. He had his […]

Seven Ways To Spot A Fitness Scam

Seven Ways To Spot A Fitness Scam If you’ve watched television after midnight, you’ve seen the never-ending weight loss infomercials and advertisements. The next time you watch an infomercial, read an advertisement, or spot a new supplement reporting miraculous weight loss results, be wary. Before you spend money on products promising fast and easy results, […]

Sometimes, a kiss says it all.

Sometimes, you just want to give your husband a big ole’ honkin smooch! Today was one of those days. I got home from my road trip to Emili’s and was exhausted. Most of it due to not having slept the night before. When I did get home, I found that supper was ready and my […]

Week 4: Spoogie and the Power Sperm

I took a pee test during lunch hour. Two lines: Pregnant. I’m shocked the rest of the day. How’d this happen? I kept asking the only person who knew, my co-worker. She makes a circle out of one finger and pushes another finger through the hole. Yes, we had sex. My husband and I had […]