Spanx for Men: Gutterville Edition

If you are female and of a certain age (or dress size), chances are you have wriggled and wiggled, grunted, groaned and cursed yourself into a sleeker silhouette courtesy of Spanx. They love my hate and unbridled lust for their spandex powers. However, once I have them on, I definitely feel better about myself. After […]

Handmade Pirate Picks

Avast, me hearties!  “X” marks the handmade spot! Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!  AARGH! Pirate Party Boat Cupcake Topper AND Wrapper SET OF 12 by Party Parade Pirate hat for dogs and cats by Lena Pavia Pirate Ship Canvas Art by Cute As A Button Art Pirate Ship Royal Blue and White Schooner Baby, […]