Blog Conferences a/k/a Mommy Break

I’m getting a Mommy Break this week. That’s right, it’s blog conference season. A time to educate myself in different nuances of blogging, catch up with friends and meet ones that I only know online. I’m heading out to Type-A Parent Conference. It’s also a break from parenting. Yes, I’m still a parent when I […]

Rites of Autumn at the Biltmore Estate

Breaking News: Sushi Virgin Loses Virginity at #TypeAMom

Emili and I are at the Type-A Mom Conference in Asheville, NC. It’s our first blogging conference. She just started blogging this year and still isn’t quite sure what’s she’s doing here, however I believe she is finally getting into the groove of things. Things are hectic and we are kinda overwhelmed, but all in […]