Wordless Wednesday: I’m dreaming of Jack-o-Lanterns

On IndoJax, Surfing Life’s Waves and the Visually Impaired Camp

It was a sight for sore eyes… After the way this year has been with traveling, the hectic nature of modern family life and other things going on that I won’t mention here, it was great to go out and visit with the IndoJax crew and watch them run this camp for visually impaired children. We […]

Wordless Wednesday: Laundry Looming

Happy Fathers Day

Today is a day we celebrate dads. While women will say they have the toughest job in the world (i.e. carrying a watermelon for 9 months only to push it out at the end of it all), that doesn’t sound like a job to me as much as it does a death wish. Yet they […]

Summertime Blues Already?

Summer is here, a week early if my thermometer is any indication. Mine really started last week when school let out.Since I started working again, running my various blogs and social media ventures, I keep myself busy. Also, my time management skills suck. I blame it on my very well known ADD. Now I am […]

Meet Mommyality

People always tell you before you have a baby to do the things you like to do before the baby is born. Such as, take a vacation or go on a baby moon, start and finish household projects, watch TV, go out to eat, and the biggie, SLEEP, because you won’t be able to any […]