End of Summer Blues

Summer isn’t officially ending, but it’s ending for me. School starts Monday and gone is my partner in shenanigans and laughter, Peanut. He’s off to eighth grade.

Time has flown. When I first started Mommyality, he was eight. Now that he’s 13, I have to be more careful about what I write and generally seek his approval or posts. It’s a respectful boundary we’ve drawn for ourselves. He’s very aware of social media, and it’s bonuses, as well as pitfalls. However, as long as I keep things balanced and don’t give too much detail, he’s fine with what I’m sharing here.

But this summer ending is one I’m taking a little harder. He goes into 9th grade next year, and we have very few summers left together before he heads off to college. We also have very few where he wants to actually spend time with me. For someone who has been a prominent figure in his world, and him in mine, that’s a tough pill to swallow.

So, I’m going to enjoy this weekend. We’ll get everything together for school to start Monday, sit his backpack by the front door, prep his lunchbox with things he loves and send him off. He’s the big dog, looking forward to talking about how tiny and adorable the 6th graders are. He’ll come home with stories of new kids, teachers, reuniting with friends and cute girls. And I’ll enjoy every one of them, because his happiness is much greater than my end of summer blues.

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