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Parenting is the hardest job I’ve ever had and will ever have. It’s made even more difficult by the constant interference of media. Especially when it’s bad media. When the media makes me #ashamed to be in the media business. Why am I hashtagging #ashamed? Because of this: The State of Georgia has taken it […]

Logic Never Wins

Logic never wins. Especially when you’re dealing with an 11 year-old boy who thinks he can out-logic you, the parent. Peanut had a four day weekend and it was filled with logic issues, none successful. First. Don’t debate breakfast with me. Trying to tell me you’ve eaten breakfast when all you’ve done is grabbed a cheese stick […]

Teacher Work Days + My Keurig = Genius

School is out for a four day weekend while semesters are changed and the kids classes are setup. Quelle horreur for the parent of an 11 year old boy who thinks he can go from sixth grade to world ruler without brushing his teeth regularly. Instead of trying to figure out what we could do together, […]

Thoughts on Mommyality

It’s been a long time since I’ve written on Mommyality. In fact, I was worried I didn’t have anything left to offer. Peanut is now 11 and with his growing older, it means times are changing. I’ll be an empty nester in a little over six years when he goes off to college. That’s a tough pill […]

What’s Up With Mommyality?

I’m a little over the old design. I’m ready for a change and it’s time for me to update. So, sorry, right now everything is plain and white, but over the next week, I’m going to be updating the site and making it gorgeous. I could have taken it off line or worked on the […]