The Great Brownie Smackdown 2011

Last night was like any other night. I cooked dinner, my husband came home from work and we spent some quality family time together. We normally don’t have anything out of the ordinary happen. Yet, I’m still trying to figure out last nights events. Those that have left me scratching my head and wondering “who is the bigger kid in my family”.

While the hubby was preparing his plate, he saw there was one lone brownie left. It was more like three as it took up the entire end of the pan. “Ooo, a brownie” and he promptly shoved the pan in the oven so he would have it after Peanut went to bed. Unbeknownst to him? Peanut knew there was brownies left as well. And since Dad didn’t get home from work until late and we had already sat down for dinner, we were naturally finished earlier.

This is where the tale gets sticky.

Peanut takes his dinner plate to the kitchen and promptly grabs the brownies out of the oven. Trust me, don’t think you can hide chocolate from an 11 year old boy. You can’t. You also can’t hide red meat. Or pizza. He comes out of the kitchen with a dessert plate and the brownie Dad had claimed for himself.

It was like Peanut had junk punched my husband in the man business. The look on his face followed with “did you eat that entire brownie?” pretty much said what Tank was thinking. Peanut replied, with a mouth full of brownie, that there was only one left.

After that? It was pretty much a heated discussion here over brownies. Not politics. No stock market. Not even over credit default swaps. No. I’m not kidding. People wonder why I was around with a perpetually dazed look  — that’s why.

homemade brownies and milk

They bickered for fifteen minutes over brownies. Well, I say they. Peanut ate his brownie and my husband pouted and complained loudly. I can’t blame him, they were homemade and quite tasty. But who’s the adult here?

Peanut. That’s who. He knows in a gun fight, you can’t back down. His gun fight was brownies and he was victorious. Complete with stroking his brownie stash and gloating as he drank an icy cold glass of milk to wash it down.

My husband? Well, he reverted back to what I can only imagine was he five year old self.

Me? I’m more cunning than both of them. They have no idea where my stash is and I enjoyed some nice Belgian chocolate while cleaning the kitchen last night.

What? You don’t have one?


  1. LOL!!!! You crack me up, AND You are very smart! I believe another pan of brownies may have to be made soon;-) Hugs, Terra

  2. Yes, they will. I made apple bread tonight, but have been charged with brownies this week!

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