The Day my Daughter Ate Okra.

My daughter doesn’t eat okra. In fact, as I’ve mentioned before, my daughter doesn’t really eat anything.

But the other day, she ate a funny little chip called an Okra Snack. They’re made by Tropical, a company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The veggies are dried, fried in canola oil and then lightly seasoned with sea salt. They taste just like chips. Except they’re low fat, fat free, cholesterol free and have very little sodium. All rare attributes of a product that’s crunchy fun. My only wish is that they had more protein grams.  But of course, I’ve wished that about chicken before.

The green beans were pretty good, too. But we’re a green bean family. I craved canned green beans throughout both my pregnancies. And my daughter has always liked them. So green bean chips are an easy sell.

We also had the Garden Chips, which were amazing. So good, that when the last box was opened, it became a game in my house. I think my daughter started it. Or maybe it was my hubby. But once someone said: “York Me,” you had to pass the chips over.

It went around and around like this until someone spilled the remaining on the floor. And then it everyone got mad. Except our dog.

The thing is, I’m not a chip person. Place a cookie in front of me and you’ll get a different story. As such, I don’t buy chips. But I could see myself grabbing York’s Harvest Chips and throwing them in my briefcase for a quick snack at work. They’re also nicely sized for diaper bags. And I like that the packaging is transparent. Call me crazy, but I like seeing what I’m buying.

If you live in Charlotte, you can get York’s Okra, Green Bean and Garden Chips from Healthy Home Market, Lowe’s Foods or you can buy a three-pack online. You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

What do you think? Does your family eat chips? Would you consider an alternative? And more importantly, would they?


  1. I would try ANYTHING labelled “chip” at least one time. I wonder if I can find those here in Durham.
    Tiffany (Snarky Momma) recently posted..A Succubus and a Vampire-Siren

  2. How about I hook you up with some? Email me at mommyality {at} gmail dot com 🙂

  3. I always try to give me daughter many different things to try. She always suprise me with her taste !
    Marlene recently posted..Free Hd Movies Online

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